How to Get Du Advance Emergency Loan Balance

Prepaid customers on Du network can easily avail loan balnace when they are low mobile credit. There are several condtion you need to comply with in order to be elegible and get the emergency advnace credit. Du nework name this service as Out of Credit service for prepaid user.

Moreover, the conditions are you need must use the Du sim for at least three moths. Also ensure that you hvae use a minimum of AED 10 on your sim card. Thats what makes you elegible for getting OPut of Credit services on Du network in UAE. Read also: Du Data Offers and Packages For Prepaid Users.

How to Get Du Advance Loan Balance

I am goin tos how the procedure to ge the emegency laon balance of AED 5 when you low on mobile credit in UAE. There are two method you can follow in order to do so. The 1st one is the USSD code and the 2nd one is SMS procedure for getting the amount.

Jual dial *108# and press the call button to get advance AED 5 balance. In a short while you will get an SMS from Du that you succesffully receive the emergecny credit of AED 5 as Out of Credit service. But as I mentioned, you must elegible for this service.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind, you can get the out of credit service once your exisint balance reached its end. In short, once your balnace reaches zero. You can then apply for the service. Yo get a notification SMS dial *108*#.

Moreover, Du will dedcut the balance upon recharge your Du prepaid line. The fee of the service is AED 1. In short, you will be charged AED 6. However, you can also use the Du app on your phone in order to track your balance and follow this method to check your remainign Du credit. There is no fee on checking your remaining balnace.

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