UAE Started Their First Nuclear Power Plant After Iran

The United Arab Emirates has begun to have a nuclear power plant, this happens for the very first time, and its one of its kind in any Arab GCC country. Because this is the very step of UAE in history as per their announced Nuclear power plant the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The new has been announced by a representative of the United Arab Emirates to IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). They said they are gonna startup the Barakah (as named) nuclear power plant in for the very first time Abu Dhabi.

It has never been happen since GCC took place on the MAP of the world.  But this time, they have reached the historic milestone for UAE with a vision to provide and deliver a new form of clean energy of the country.  The Hamed Alkaabi said in a tweet “The UAE very first nuclear reactor at Barakah power plant has achieved seriously and successfully begun”.

South Korea is coming to the UAE for providing power to homes and other businesses. They are about to bring their reactor for commercial operations. This improvement makes the United Arab Emirates 2nd and Iran the first country with tech. Read more: UAE Allows Expats Entry from June 1st.

The small and perfect UAE will glow even more and bring business in the country. I really don’t know who takes such actions and performed and achieved the task. But now it is the 2nd country after Iran while making and implementing such improvements. UAE will gain more business and will develop even more as it is one of the best developed small countries in the world.

Look nothing is impossible, but such countries with money and values can do whatever they want. But after all, it needs mind and futuristic personal for better thinking for the country. Thanks to UAE for doing and Yes, it is a country.

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