Kuwait to Stop Issuing & Extending Visa for Expats Over 60 Years

There is some news for Expatriates living in Kuwait. The government of Kuwait is about to stop renewing or issuing visas for Expatriates over 60 years. Previously this happened in Saudi Arabia, and they have stopped issuing or extending visas for Expatriates for over 40 years.

However, Kuwait is a smart country and they have taken the step for the good of Expats and their country. Moreover, they are good from Saudi Arabia in terms of taking care of their Expat workers in their country. This is because Kuwait has given more time 20 years, which means they stopped the visa extension for over 60 years ex-pats and Saudi only 40 years.

Please keep on reading because there is some good news as well. I am talking about those Expatriates who are over 60 without holding any degree. However, those who suppose to have a degree won’t get such an issue with their visa extensions or issuing a new visa. For your information, such implementations will take place from the 31st of August 2020.

Some say for example the report in the Kuwait Times, that the visa issuing or renewal for Expats over 60 years stops from Jan 2021, unless those who submit a university degree to the government avoid such type of penalty. Read more: enjoy better VIVA Internet Packages Prepaid.

According to this plan of the great government of Kuwait. They will decrease expatriates to over 150K who do not have any work degree from a valid university. While the overall number is 360K only. So now you can compare how many workers they are about the eliminate from their country. After all, it’s their country and they do whatever they want. But this is for the good health of the old expatriates at least.

Expatriates in Kuwait are making over 70% population. So they are about to decrease this number and make Kuwait even more a good place for their people and other Expatriates who are less than 60 years.

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