How to Check Zain Number (4 Easy Methods)

In this article, I will be showing you how to check your Zain number in Saudi Arabia. Most users buy a new sim card and they don’t through the sim jacket along with the sim card number. However, they don’t know if they will need it in the future. I know you are one of those users, and that is why you are here to know the procedure for checking your Zain sim card number.

There are two methods to find or check your Zain sim card number. You can find it via SMS, code, or calling the helpline. However, I will show you both these methods, then the choice is yours to follow the one easy for you. Well, let’s explore these two methods below.

How to Check Zain Number

Sometimes it’s hard to remember your phone number if you have lots of sim cards or just bought a new one. You can do it with or without a mobile balance. Don’t worry here is how to find or check your number:

Method #1: Dial *144# then tap the call button. You will get a popup message containing your Zain number.

Method #2: Dial *23# and hit the call button, you will then see your Zain number on the screen with the message.

Method #3: Send your friend a message, type *123*your friend number#. Then ask him to send you the number he got an SMS from.

Method #4: If you using the Zain SA app, open it and you’ll see your sim card number in the Dashboard or Home page.

Alternative Method to Check Zain Number

You can also send a message to a helpline to know your number. All you have to do is create a new text message, leave it blank. Now send it to 700123. In a short while, you will receive an SMS from the Zain line containing your Zain number.

Once you know it, then write it down in your notepad application or save it as your phone number. This way you won’t forget it and may use it whenever you need it. Moreover, here is how to check how many sim cards are registered under your Iqama. For more similar stuff, comment below.

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