Etisalat Everyday Local & Social Data Packs [NEW]

Etisalat brings new special daily offers with local and social data for prepaid users in the UAE. Now you can activate these new packages on the go or deactivate whenever you want. In this post, I will show you all these prepaid bundles from 2.5, 3 AED up to 30 AED daily.

You can activate local data from 75MB up to 1000MB daily or social data from 150MB up to 250MB per day. The choice is yours but I will show activation, deactivation, price, data allowance, and much more. Please keep checking your mobile balance after subscription. If you are interested in weekly and monthly bundles on Etisalat. Anyways, now let’s explore these new bundles…

Etisalat Local Data Packs Daily

There are a total of 5 packs (local data) available at Etisalat for you to choose from. These are:

Pack namePriceLocal dataValiditySubscription code
75 MB Pack AED 2.5 75MB 1 day Dial *101#
150 MB Pack AED 4.2 150MB 1 day Dial *101#
250 MB Pack AED 8 250MB 1 day Dial *101#
500 MB Pack AED 15 500MB 1 day Dial *101#
1000 MB Pack AED 30 1GB 1 day Dial *101#

1: 75MB per day, for AED 2.5 (old price was 3 AED). To activate 75 MB pack dial *101#.

2: 150MB per day, for AED 4.2. To subscribe 150 MB pack dial *101#.

3: 250MB per day, for AED 8. To subscribe 250 MB pack dial *101#.

4: 500MB per day, for AED 15. To subscribe 500 MB pack dial *101#.

5: 1GB per day, for AED 30. To subscribe 1 GB pack dial *101#.

Etisalat Social Data Packs Daily

For daily usage, there are only 2 packs available at Etisalat at this time. The 150MB and the 250MB. For your information the social data is only for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Messenger, Also for LinkedIn, Snapchat, WeChat, and Instagram. The details of these two plans are:

Pack namePriceSocial dataValiditySubscription code
150MB daily social AED 2.5 150MB 1 Day Dial *101#
250MB daily social AED 4 250MB 1 Day Dial *101#

1: 150 MB social data per day, for only AED 2.5. To subscribe to social data 150 MB pack dial *101#.

2: 250 MB social data per day, the price is AED 4. To subscribe or activate the social data 250 MB pack dial *101#.

Benefits of Etisalat Daily Packs

These are the plans you can activate on the go for 24×7 with ultra-fast connectivity in UAE  with mobile data, but these bundles are not dependent on WiFi. So you don’t need to have a router in your pocket in order to use the internet. While these daily local and social bundles amazing full speed freedom without any fair usage. Moreover, the prices for these bundles are very affordable.

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