Virgin Mobile KSA Internet Packages (2023)

When it comes to speed and quality, Virgin mobile is one of the best internet packages provided in KSA. However, they offer a variety of bundles at pretty cheap prices. Moreover, they don’t compromise on internet speed and price. In this post, I will show you their internet packages with price, subscription code, duration, etc.

For your information, there are 15 amazing packages. They are 50MB, 500MB, 700MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8, 10, 10+10, 20, 40, 50+50, 80, and 100GB plans available. They are for daily, weekly, and monthly usage in Saudi Arabia.

Virgin Mobile Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia

They offer 15 different plans for their prepaid data sim customers. On Virgin mobile, you can get the best plan for daily, weekly and monthly usage. However, you can choose from the below bundles of your choice and needs.

Virgin mobile KSA Internet Plans

Package namePriceDurationActivation
50MB SAR 3 1 Day *108#
500MB SAR 15 7 Days *108#
700MB SAR 21 30 Days *108#
1GB SAR 24 30 Days *108#
2GB SAR 45 30 Days *108#
4GB SAR 70 30 Days *108#
8GB SAR 90 30 Days *108#
10GB SAR 100 30 Days *108#
10+10GB SAR 180 90 Days *108#
20GB SAR 120 30 Days *108#
40GB SAR 140 30 Days *108#
50+50GB SAR 230 60 Days *108#
80GB SAR 170 30 Days *108#
100GB SAR 180 30 Days *108#
100+100GB SAR 350 90 Days *108#
Note that you can also use the Virgin mobile application to activate and check your remaining data balance. However, their offers are the best for the type of users. You can enjoy Virgin mobile plans (the internet) as you go. You can find more details here.
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