Zain 5G Internet Offers for 1 upto 3 Months KSA

Zain announced three new internet bundles with 5G internet speed in KSA. These are 10GB, 100GB, 300GB, 20GB, 75GB, and unlimited data packages without any fair usage. Today I will show these packages’ renewal codes and activation codes as well as price details. So let’s explore these 5G plans.

Zain 5G Internet Pacakges

As of now, these packages are with double internet data. But if you are reading this post after a long time you may don’t get double data. So please keep that in mind. However, the activation may remain the same for all of these 5G internet packages by Zain. More Zain packages are here.

25GB+25GB for 1 Month

The price for 5G 25+25GB internet packages is SAR 99, the validity is 1 month and the activation code is 408 to 959. The extra 25GB is for social use only Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Moreover, there is no fair usage, so use it without any worries. The 5G is enabled by default once your phone is supported by the 5G internet connectivity.

75+75GB for 2 Months

With a validity of 2 months, you can get 50GB 75+75GB of internet for SAR 199. However, they activate it to send 410 to 959. The extra 75GB is only for social apps YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. There is no fair usage so if your phone is 5G enabled then enjoy the fastest speed with enough data available on the Zain network.

100+100GB for 3 Months

More data and more validity for just SAR 299 for 3 months. You will get 100GB + 100GB social data free for Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. To subscribe to the package just send 421 to 959. That way your subscription will be activated in seconds and you can enjoy a faster connection with more than enough data. Once you activate the plan, it has auto-renewal is enabled.

Unlimited Internet for 1 Month

The unlimited internet data with 5G support is expensive and the validity is just 1 month. Anyway, you can simply activate with unlimited data for 1 month by sending 416 to 959. The price is SAR 325, how which will be activated with the auto-renewal feature. You can cancel it by sending CAUL to 959. To check your remaining balance here is the guide for you.

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