6 Best STC 5G Mofawtar Postpaid Plans in KSA

STC Sawa has upgraded its postpaid Mofawtar plans. Now you can available the best four packages with 5G/4G speed and a 20% discount. Today I will show you STC 5G upgraded Mofawtar package details, price, activation, and validity, with a 20% discount.

Now you can enjoy the best postpaid offers even on your STC line. The packs are for your postpaid line from STC. So without wasting further time let’s learn more about these best 4 four postpaid plans and features. More STC Offers and Packages.

STC 5GB Mofawtar Basic Plan

The newly upgraded Mofawtar basic package comes with 5G 5GB of internet and 5GB of social data. The basic plan comes with 200 minutes to use within the STC network in the Kingdom only. The price of the basic Mofawtar 5GB plan is SAR 80.5 only.

For the Mofawtar Basic subscription, just send 4091 to 900. You can also visit the MySTC website, or get the basic plan via the MySTC App.

STC 10GB Mofawtar 2 Plan

The Mofawtar 2 package comes with 5G 10GB of internet and 10GB of social data in Saudi Arabia. The Mofawtar 2 lets you call without limitation within the STC network only. However, for other networks, you get only 200 free minutes.

The price is SAR 138 per month. For the subscription of the Mofawtar 2 pack, send 4092 to 900. You can avail of the pack via the MySTC website or via the MySTC app, or call 900 for more details.

STC 30GB Mofawtar 2+ Plan

The details are here for the Mofawtar 3 package by STC. You get 30GB of internet data and 30GB of social data, there is no internet WiFi or free social. The speed of the connection is 5G. Moreover, there are unlimited calls within STC and 400 free calls to other networks in KSA.

For easy activation or subscription of the Mofawtar 3 pack, all you need is to send 4093 to 900. The normal price is SAR 155 while with the discount you can get it for SAR 184 only per month.

Mofawtar 3+ Plan 90GB and Unlimited Social

Get unlimited social media usage, 90GB of data, and unlimited calls to STC and other networks in Saudi Arabia in the Mofawtar 3+ package. This is all for SAR 238 only. To subscribe to the Mofawtar 3+ plan, SMS 4096 to 900 from your STC number. Once activated, you will receive an SMS with confirmation details.

STC Unlimited Internet Package with Mofawtar 4

You can enjoy unlimited internet usage on Mofawtar 4 package on the STC network in KSA. Internet usage in the plan is unlimited and without any fair usage policy. Also call within the STC network and to other networks are unlimited.

The roaming data you get is 5GB and outgoing and local calls while roaming is 100 minutes only. Also, you can enjoy unlimited STC WiFi. The price without discount is SAR 465 and with a discount of SAR 517 per month.

Now let’s talk about the plan activation code. The Mofawtar 4 can be activated by sending 4094 to 900, through the MySTC app and website. The validity is just 1 month allowed in Mofawtar 4 plan.

Mofawtar 4+ STC Package

For the reasonable price of SAR 521.00, you can get unlimited internet data and unlimited social data for 1 month. Even in the Mofawtar 4+ package, you will have 10GB of roaming internet data and 100 minutes for roaming. You can get this amazing package using the official mySTC app.

Unlimited Internet and Calls with STC Mofawtar Max

In Mofawtar Max, you get the Internet with Unlimited usage with no FUP**. the Calls & SMS to all networks are unlimited as well as the roaming data is unlimited. You can call UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman while roaming without unlimited usage. However, only 200 Minutes for roaming outgoing as well as local calls and calls to Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, STC WiFi usage is unlimited. The price is SAR 640 with a discount and the regular is SAR 920 per month. For activation send 4095 to 900. You can check your balance here.

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