Saudi Arabia Has Recovered 80K Corona Cases

Let us show you the latest information on corona cases in Saudi Arabia. Recently they announced that they have recovered above 80K thousand corona cases in the Kingdom. It is great news for all people and Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

New Corona News and Cases

On the day we are publishing this post, the great Kingdom has recovered more than 80 K coronavirus cases. However, on the other side there some news around 3.7 thousand. But the most critical cases are just 1.7 thousand.

Moreover, each patient is getting proper treatment and getting an enhanced facility. For your information, the hospitals in the Kingdom has reached the top 10 worldwide. This is great news for our great country Saudi Arabia.

Why the Kingdom is now in the top 10 lists while providing such amazing and advanced facilities to each patient. They don’t care if you are an expatriate or a Saudi Arabia citizen but they will provide the best treatment they can. Read also: 48% Corona Cases and still counting Recovered in Saudi Arabia.

As of now there are total cases of infection are 116K, the total recovered are 80K  while the lives no anymore are 800 and above. For your information, the total active cases and infection by coronavirus are 35 thousand.

If you are curious to know, the most infected city in the Kingdom is Riyadh with a total infection of 1.4K. But the 2nd highest city in the terms of the corona infections is Jeddah in Suadi Arabia with total active cases 5K.

Let me inform you that there are over 1 million tests performed by the great doctors in Saudi Arabia. But on the other hand, the infection has been reached over 183 cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As of June 11th, the Ministry has reported over 45 lives are not there anymore in this world. Meaning today, we lost more than 45 people in the Kingdom. What do you think about this scenario in KSA? Do comment to let us know.

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