Resuming Gyms, Sport Centers, Beauty Salons & Barber Shops in KSA

Starting from June 21st, 2020, Saudi resumed these services. The services including sports centers, barbershops, women’s beauty salons, and gyms. This service was closed due to coronavirus impact. However, the government take the decisions and starting these service from today.

These Services are Resumed in Saudi Arabia

There was a huge impact on such services due to coronavirus pandemic. However, the suspension has over. The government is started resuming barbershops, sports centers, gyms, and women beauty salons from June 21st, 2020. As they are being successful while recovering more than 98K corona patients in the Kingdom. All activities in the Kingdoms have been resumed. But there are approved precautions everyone needs to follow in order to work.

As of the governments order, everyone is objected to complying with the rules. There are guidelines available for everyone to strictly follow. However, if they don’t then are still penalties they may pay. The government won’t tolerate it if you are with your and other people’s lives. However, the decision has been taken the ease people’s minds and let pandemic go.

Because such news and implementations as well as resuming services must help the public to ease their mind. That is that is the the government and the authorities taken such stepm. Moreover, on the other there are some good news too. Saudi government has recovered more than 99 thousand infected corona patients. Read more: Saudia Flights Suspension Continued Until Further Notice.

However, there some rules and precautions everyone should follow. For wearing medical mask in outside as well as letting the authorities check your temperature anywhere anytime they want. In short you shouldn’t stop them from checking your temperature and infection if they need to.

Thanks to the Government for everything, public safety and resuming the services. Again from now on all barbershop, women beauty salon, sports centers and gyms are open to the public. What do think of such situations?


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