People Arrested in KSA Dealing with Fake Currency on Social Media

Thanks to the Saudi police for such fraud in Saudi Arabia. Recently Saudi police arrest two belong to Jordan. They were dealing with fake currency USD on social media. They were promoting fake currency using social media. However, they are in the custody of prosecution.

These people are two in number how they were carrying 500,000 US dollars. According to the Saudi police they were connected with the third party outside of the Kindom. However, both these men belong to Jordan.

The Saudi police handed over these men to the protection for further investigation. They arrested in Riyadh doing illegal and promotional business using the social media platform. However, the police and the protection will take all the necessary actions and legal acts against them.

For each Expatriates working in Saud Arabia. This is important to stop buying products and currency deals on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, etc.

The suggestion is to stop providing your personal and bank information to those personal who asks for it. However, you should not social media for such dealing. If you are about to exchange your money then visit the bank ask them for the exchange.

Moreover, if you are about to buy something online if it a smartphone, computer, and other electronic and relative products. Then use the one the best and most trusted online stores such as Souq and Jarir in KSA.

Stop providing stranger your details such as ID copy or IQama copy and passport copy etc. If someone asks for it, and you don’t know him then give it to him. Related: KSA Stamped Work Visa Fee to Refunded to Expats.

You can not even imagine what they can do with it. So stop doing such things and supporting such people online on social media. If you do, then have a look at these two people, who know what they will do to them according to the legal acts.

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