ID Cancelled Hajj to its People Due to COVID-19

A piece of very sad news for Indonesian, because their government canceled Hajj to its people due to the pandemic. Because of the current pandemic situation, they have stopped to do Hajj this year. This is not for Muslims in Indonesian but all over the world. Each government is taking precautionary measures in order to protect its people. Thus their goal is to stop the coronavirus infection in the country. I think Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing due to COVID 19.

Indonesian cannot go for hajj this Year

This is a piece of official news announced by the government of Indonesia. The Ministry of Religious Affairs in Indonesia announced such news. We cannot express their valued expression while announcing such news. Because it is for the first time in the history that the Indonesia government is implementing such a condition to stop the spread of the pandemic.

There is travel restrictions everywhere in the world including Saudi Arabia. That is why the Minister of Religious Affairs said that they are stopping people due to the corona impact and the current worst situations. This is all the save lives as many as they can. Because once a person is infected there are very few chances to survive.

This is to inform you that, about more than 200,000 thousand Indonesias were scheduled to do the Hajj in 2020. But looking to the current situation, and the government order now it looks impossible that they would do it. Read also: 48% and Counting Corona Cases Recovered in Saudi Arabia.

There are thousands of Indonesian that they won’t be able to reach the Hajj for their lifetime. Because as their country rules, an Indonesian can get to the hajj once in a life at the age of 20 years years, I might be wrong, but this what I have heard from their people who were working in our company.

There is nothing they can do but to get their payment back for the service they paid. However, they only they can do is pray to the Allah Subhana Wa Taala to remove the pandemic from this world.

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