Rules to Follow While Boarding Domestic Flights in KSA

New rules to follow while you boarding the domestic flights in KSA. They have implemented some rules and regulations for public safety while boarding. I am talking about the GACA, The General Civil Aviation Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recently we have created some new tips and guided instruction from the GACA. There is nothing to worry about but to take care while boarding the domestic flights in Saudi Arabia.

This starting from May 31st, 2020, to follow these rules. Don’t worry I am gonna explain these rules and guidelines for you. This is all because of the current going pandemic situation due to coronavirus. They are taking precautionary measures while boarding you on the airplane. However, they issue the following guidelines and rules to follow.

Rules by GACA While Boarding Domestic Flights in KSA

As I mentioned starting from 31-May-2020, you will need to buy the airline ticket via an online portal means electronic services only. In short, you don’t need to visit any agency near you, just book your flight online print it sent it to your smartphone via email and go to the airport.

The government must take each personals thermal check manually via electronic devices they have. In short, they will check if you are infected by COVID-19 or not.

This is not a tip but a rule to wear a mask in the Kingdom. Wearing faces not just in the airport but in the airplane and other areas of the Kingdom is a must rule to follow.

You must stand with other personal together, but to keep a meter distance from each other. Because this pandemic you need to take care of yourself from. Read also MOI Clarifications While Traveling in Saudi Arabia.

Wearing a face mask while onboard and offboard is necessary, if you don’t they may cancel your flight immediately. Because in Saudi Arabia they do what they say and order.

Attendance two hours before the flights, which is regular routine for everyone but you need to get to the airport as faster as you can because they don’t wanna make a rush and keep things in the control. Hand sanitizer, use electronic payments, and in the end there is no barding for the who are infected.

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