Not Wearing Face Mask & Maintain Social Distance Penalties

As in the increase of corona patients that MOI has implemented new penalties while not following the rules. You might be wondering what are those rules and how do you follow them. Well, you are here at the right place to know about those rules and the penalties. So let’s explore the details.

Penalties on Not Maitaininig Social Distance and Wearing Face Mask in KSA

Back in Ramadan, they have implemented some new rules and regulations to the penalties list. Thus they have updated the list and added a couple a new ones in order to strick and are stop the spread of the pandemic coronavirus also called COVID-19.

This is all they care about our and other public health. Thus we need to cooperate in order to stop spreading the coronavirus to other patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Keeping precautionary measure and rules in mind below are the penalties:

Keep the social distance in homes, farms, rest houses, parties, and related places, and the number of people must not be more 50 or more than 50. All you need to keep the distance from each other in each place where you see the crowd even in your home. Thus if found such number then the penalty is SAR 10,000. Read: 48% of Corona Cases have been Recovered in Saudi Arabia.

Thus this for those who too, who is not wearing fabric or medical face mask and not covering his mouth or nose. Disinfection of the carts and shopping etc carts in the malls, surfaces, children play areas, clothing, etc in the malls and related areas. However, the penalty is double while doing the same mistake again.

Even you decline to measure your temperature check while the public areas such as malls etc. The penalty are the same and double if you repeat doing so. Keep in mind this is all for our good health and best precautionary measure to be implements and we should cooperate.

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