MOH Launched New WhatsApp Service for 937 Center

Here is a piece of good news by MOH in Saudi Arabia. They have launched a new service 937 WhatsApp call service for Health Call Center in Saudi Arabia. As they said only chat on this number 920005937 is available to anyone in the Kingdom.

MOH WhatsApp 937 Service in KSA

The Ministry of Health mentioned during the launch that they will show default services at the beginning of the chat. Here are those services are:

  • Existing or new information about coronavirus updates.
  • Sites and regulates of Health Cares Center in KSA.
  • Appointment services.
  • Blood donation related info.
  • And Health Center Contact details.

The ministry in Saudi Arabia clarified that its another step toward the health measures. This will help the public to raise their voice and we will be able to hear those voices in the same place for better help. The service is gonna provide each helpful information the person needs on the go and for better health care. Read also MOI Clarifications on Roaming and Traveling in Saudi Arabia.

It’s all about the ensure the health of the public with certain possibilities. As per the Ministry, there more than 1000 employees. These are to help also including customer care specialists and doctors are in the call center. They are available there to help us via social media requests, telephones call, instant chat via Whatsapp, and via the Ministry website.

The 937 is a center operating in the same area, where all the other center operates in the Ministry of Health. The employees in the center of well experienced and better in communication services as well as to provide these services to you:

You can get medical help, doctors appointment, technical support, and every possible precautionary measure you can take and implement in your daily. This is all about stopping and decrease the number of infections in the Kingdom by COVID-19 also called Coronavirus. If their sill something we can do for you, let us know in the comment below.

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