650 Nepali Workers Infected with COVID-19 in KSA

There are some recent announcements by the Nepali Embassy in Saudi Arabia. According to the official embassy of Nepal in Saudi Arabia, there are more than 650 workers infect by the corona pandemic. However, 11 workers are women.

As per the embassy of Nepal there more than a usual number of infected workers all over the world, not jus KSA. But most of them are recovering fast as they are getting their proper treatment. Most of the workers are recovering fast and sooner or later they will get discharged. However, a few numbers are already been discharged.

650 Nepali Workers Infected in KSA

For your information, the embassy also mentioned that they don’t know the exact number of infected and discharged workers. As the Saudi government did not reveal it yet, but sooner or later they will. But there is no need to worry about them because they are in good hands and getting proper treatment. Read MOI Clarifications on Traveling within Saudi Arabia.

If you are curious to know about the number of infected worker locations. Then there are are the details as mentioned in Saudi Expatriates. The total number is 670, more than 300 are from the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But up to 200 are from Riyadh City in the Kingdom. Moreover, the remaining are from Western regions in Saudi Arabia.

Let me inform you that, there are 30 Nepali workers who did not survive during the pandemic. They are no more because of the current lockdown however, 1 case is confirmed by coronavirus COVID-19. Hence the number is growing as there are 10 Nepali in UAE are no more in this world and 1100 and more in Qatar and all over the GCC.

Each step implemented by the government these are for our good, that is what needs to understand. So we should cooperate with the government, it does not matter if it the lockdown and whatever the current situation is.

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