Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, it is very important to pay the vehicle registration and its renewal fee each year. If you don’t then there are huge fines against it and you will need to pay these fines. In this guide, I am gonna show you the full details of the vehicle recurring fee. So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

Vehicle Registration Fee and Recurring Cost

Below is the complete list of all vehicle registration and renewal fee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I also explain here the annual, lost replacement, and car transfer costs also. So please read the following details for your information.

The details are:

No.Vehicle Type1 Year FeeRenewal CostLost or Replacement CostVehicle Ownership Transfer Fee
1Public Work VehicleSAR 300SAR 300SAR 100SAR 30
2MotorcycleSAR 100SAR 100SAR 400SAR 150
3Public BusSAR 400SAR 400SAR 400SAR 300
4Public VehicleSAR 400SAR 400SAR 100SAR 300
5TaxiSAR 200SAR 200SAR 100SAR 300
6Mini BusSAR 200SAR 200SAR 100SAR 150
7Private TruckSAR 200SAR 200SAR 100SAR 150
8Private CarSAR 100SAR 100SAR 100SAR 150

Now it is totally up to you to pay the registration or renewal fees. I also mention the renewal or replacement fees as well. So that in the future you don’t need to search for such information. However, if there is any specific vehicle you need to know the details as mentioned above (in the table). Then consider sending me an email via our contact page.

Moreover, let me tell you the government is updating such fees each after 3 or 5 years. So I will keep this information updated for your reference. Our suggestion is to pay if there are any fees against your vehicle. Because if you don’t pay it on time. There are fines, and they are increasing upon not paying. Read

So to avoid any further charges against your vehicle. It is extremely important to pay these fees mentioned on time. The mentioned cost is not too much means, it not more than SAR 400. Anyone having a car can afford it. Read Check Your Vehicle Insurance Status via MOI.

What do you think of today’s topic? Let us know what vehicle you are using and how much you are paying. Please if any of the above information is incorrect, then let us know so that we can current on time. That way you and I, will help each other.

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