Procedure to Check Your Saudi Water Bill | 3 Methods

The NWC Nation Water Compay in Saudi Arabia allows you to check your water bill online. Don’t worry you can pay for it then. But it is important to have the bill number. Because that is the only thing required for checking or knowing about the due payments. Now let us get started with the procedure below.

Check Saudi Water Bill via ATM

This is the recommended method in order to know about water due to payments. ATM machines are nowadays in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can visit the nearest ATM machine following the below produced:

  1. Note your bill number or take a picture of it
  2. Go to the nearest ATM machine.
  3. Insert the ATM card and log in.
  4. Now go to Bill Payments then Utility.
  5. Select the National Water Company and enter your NWC number.
  6. You should see the due amount now.

You must be thinking that I have the bill number but what about the National Water Company account number? Well, you can get it with ease. To do it you need to register an account on the NWC official website. I am here to help you with that too.

Register on National Water Company Account Number

As I mentioned earlier you can simply avail of an account or connection number by creating an account on NWC. I mean once you get your account on NWC you can then have the account number. Then you will be able to visit any nearest ATM machine and check or pay your water bill online with ease. Now to get the account or connection number follow these steps:

  1. Go to NWC official Registration page.
  2. Now Iqama number, DOB, mobile number, password, and email.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. You may get a confirmation OTP password.
  5. Enter the OTP or confirmation SMS to confirm the account.
  6. That is it, the registration has been completed.
Register on National Water Company Account Number
Register on National Water Company Account Number

That is how you can easily get a new account on NWC. Now it’s time to add your account number to the portal. Then you will be able to see your connection number and then you can view and pay the due bill.

Add National Water Company Account Number to your Profile

Once you have done creating your NW account and it is verified. Then you can start adding your account number to your profile to complete the process. Adding an account number means adding a home connection number. To do it:

  1. Go to your Dashboard on the NWC account.
  2. Click the Add Account option on the Dashboard.
  3. Select eh precise location of your home, and you will see everything on the map.
  4. You can also drag and drop the map on your home’s location.
  5. Now click on the Add Account button with a blue + sign.

That is pretty it, you have done everything successfully. Now simply navigate your home or dashboard on the NWC account. You can easily find the account number there. Once you have had the account number, follow the above procedure to view and pay your water bill.

National Water Company Water Schedule

The Saudi National Water Company provides a map to track the schedule of the water, you can visit this official link and enter your city name, and other details to see your desired schedule for water in the Kingdom. If you have any complaints or other issues in terms of schedule then find their toll-free number and address. Also here is a quick video demo.

National Water Company Water Schedule
National Water Company Water Schedule

Saudi Water Bill Company Toll-Free Number

The company provides its official number so that anyone can call it in case of any complaints or other issues. Here is the toll-free number of the company 92 000 1744. Moreover, if you are living in Riyadh then their address is as follows.

All branches except customer service centers are available in Taif and also in (The al-Seli branch & Daryeah branch) the main city of Riyadh. However, their working hours are Sunday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM.

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