Mawid Won’t Consume Your Internet Data in KSA

You can get a self-assessment in Saudi Arabia with ease, even if you don’t an internet package. Because MOH the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announced some good news. Now each of the Mawid services won’t consume your internet data. So from now, it does not matter if you have an internet package or not, you can use the Mawid services free of cost.

Mawid App and Website are Free to Use in KSA

Every single person in Saudi Arabia can use the self-assessment resources available on the Mawid app ad their official website. If you are an expatriate or Saudi citizen use the app and website without any worries because the app and website won’t consume your internet data anymore. This news is authentic and we have read it on their official Twitter page.

According to MOH (The Ministry of Health), this project was never possible without the cooperation of the CITC (Communication and Information Technology Commission). They have recently all private and government companies to use their service for free of cost.

This is all for public safety, as we know that there is this wired face pandemic called coronavirus. So the government is working on such projects to ensure public safety. You and I, we can now get there and get a self-assessment service without any internet data consumption.

Both workers and employers are invited to test their selves by self-assessments to check their own health conditions with ease. This is possible because you will need to provide the terms and symptoms you actually have right now. Then you will see the final report of infection.

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The good thing there on the Mawid app and website is, that the website and application are available both in English and Arabic languages. So don’t worry if you think you don’t understand Arabic so that you cant use Mawid. Just get there change the language to English and you are good to go.

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