King Salman to Free Coronavirus Treatment

There is very good news for all the citizens and expatriates working in KSA. Saudi Kingdom Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saudi orders to provide free coronavirus treatment. This is not just for Saudi citizens but for each person in the Kingdom.

Free Coronavirus Treatment on King Salman Order

Finally, you are gonna get the cure for the corona infection for free in Saudi Arabia. Because recently King Salman ordered to provide each and every person living in the Kingdom free treatment against coronavirus.

This is for all the residents, Expatriates living in the KSA, violaters and each person. I am not saying you are the person who is infected but this is just for your information to keep in mind.

The news has announced by the Minister of Health Mr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al Rabiah. I mean he made the announcement by the order of King Salman. This is mentioned in a tweet on Twitter, I am gonna provide the tweet below. So please have a loot the news yourself.

This is great for especially those Expatriates who are actually helpless. They don’t earn much to pay such expenses. So it’s a perfect step for the better future of the great Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

I don’t say that each person in Saudi Arabia is rich. But there are Expatriates workers whose salary is not even a 1,000 SAR. So think of it yourself how they are gonna pay such expenses, as they would also need to feed their family, himself. Read New and Fresh Jafurah Gas Project in Saudi Arabia.

So once again thanks to the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Especially King Salman for providing such facilities equally for each person in KSA. So what do you think of this great decision of the great leader King Salman? Please let know me in the comment section below. However, be very careful and stop visiting here and there. Also, stop socializing with friends. This will help you, trust me.

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