Expats Can Go to Their Home Countries from KSA

There is very good news for those expatriates who want to leave KSA. However, if you are one of them you can now go to your home. This news was recently announced by the Ministry. I mean the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Expats Can Leave KSA Now

Previously the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development stopped visits to and from the Kingdom. However, I don’t know what is the exact reason behind this news. Moreover, each expatriate working in the Kingdom can now go to their home countries. There are no complication and the government will facilitate that person.

This is common that they are taking precautions against the COVID-19. They are doing anything that is important to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. But as of now, those are infected and those who are not but Expatriates can leave the Kingdom and get their home without any complications.

For your information their some terms and conditions apply for such visits. There is an eligibility criteria you must comply with. Anyways have a look at the terms and conditions down below. Read Employee Rights Details as per Saudi Labor Law.

Terms & Conditions

Do you wanna leave the Kingdom for vacation and any other objective? Have a look at these terms conditions first:

  • The service is only available for authorized companies personals and operating companies only.
  • Employed Expatriates only meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Each applicant can only submit one application in two weeks.
  • Valid Iqama ID.
  • Your passport must valid.

Moreover, there are some other rules you will need to follow in to submit the application for the leave. This is for companies:

The company needs to issue the final exit or exit re-entry visa and must finalize the end of service benefits. Each person must complete the medical examination before applying. Follow airline guidelines. The company needs to comply with legal consequences.

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