COVID-19 Total Cases & Updates April 2020

Here are some new updates on coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. For example, the total cases, infections, and D and some other updates are here. Today we are gonna explore everything here about COVID-19. So stay here and read…

Saudi Arabia and Coronavirus

As of now today April 6th, 2020, the total number of infections is increasing. However, I am not talking about the infection but the D and serious cases as well. Here are very fresh updates according to Saudi-Expatriates:

  • The total number of infections is now 2385 and increasing.
  • The D cases are 34.
  • The recovered personals number is 1863.
  • Those who are in ICU and serious are 28.

All the above-mentioned numbers are not just Saudi citizens. But also there some non-Saudi as well. These numbers are including Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis and more. In all the above number the total of Saudi citizens are 47 percent and other nationals are 57 percent.

However, as of Saudi-Expatriates, it is extremely serious for all of us to stay in the home. Because this is pandemic and anyone can be infected if some infected personal is there and coughing in the public.

Please, everyone, need to cooperate and face this problem. Because staying in the home in Saudi Arabia and other countries is the only way to stop this. Trust me guys you can stop it. Getting here and there in the Kingdom is still dangerous and we need to say in the home.

Please, don’t go shopping, stop visiting your neighborhood, stop visiting other people’s homes. Those Expatriates who going for the work must need to comply with each care you can take against the coronavirus.

Still, the numbers are increasing. This is all our and we need to take this seriously, after all, it is our life. What would you do with the thing if you are not there for those things?

As a member of this blog ExpatSA. Please stop visiting any places and someone home. Stop socialization with friends and family members. This is the only way to protect yourself and other’s lives.

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