Check Virgin Mobile Balance and Internet Data

Virgin Mobile is the best telecom company in Saudi Arabia. As far as I know, the reputation of the company is on the 5th number. You easily order a great phone number as you like. After that, they provide perfect prepaid as well as postpaid plans.

Here, I am gonna provide all the details you need to know. For example, you have got your sim card but to check your mobile balance and internet data. They offer pretty cheap and affordable packs. However, they provide Friendi data packages in Saudi Arabia as well. If you are on Friendi, easily check your mobile phone balance following this guide.

Check Virgin Mobile Balance

Once you get your sim card and start using your credit or phone balance. After a while, you may wanna check your remaining resources on the network such as phone balance or credit. Well, you are here and don’t need to worry about that. Here is the procedure to know how much mobile balance is remaining on your sim card. To do so:

  1. Open the dial pad on your smartphone.
  2. Now dial *102# and press the call button.
  3. You will see the remaining mobile balance in a second.
  4. You can then close the phone app.
Check Virgin Mobile Balance in Saudi Arabia
Check Virgin Mobile Balance in Saudi Arabia

So that is a very easy procedure in order to find or know the remaining credit on the Virgin network. Alternatively, you can download the Virgin app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. This is capable of many more things including checking the remaining resources on the network.

Check Virgin Mobile Internet Data

There are tons and cheap and better internet data packages available on Virgin Mobile. Though once you have got a package and start using the internet data. Right after a day to two, you may wanna know, how much internet data I have left on my desired plan. Thus you need to need anything else but this procedure:

  1. Dial *102# and tap the call button.
  2. In a short while, you will see a popup on the screen.
  3. That pop-up screen will contain your remaining internet data.
  4. Once you know the remaining data, close the phone app.
Check Virgin Mobile Internet Data in KSA
Check Virgin Mobile Internet Data in KSA

That is how easy it is to know how much internet data you have used and how much is remaining. Keep in mind that there are no charges while knowing your remaining data or credit on the network. If you think they have charged you, then don’t think too much and call their customer care number 1789. For more info regarding the above, comment below or contact us.

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