Saudi Confirmed 2nd Coronavirus Case

A Saudi citizen was coming from Iran via Bahrain. After investigation, the MOH Ministry of Heal confirmed the case of Coronavirus COVID-19. However, it’s the 2nd case the government found. For your information, the government has suspended travel to Iran. This was the main reason.

Another Coronavirus Case Confirmed by Saudi Arabia

after the ban, the citizens of Suadi Arabia is taking alternative ways to enter the Kingdom. However, there is nothing you can hide from the government. They recently identified one more case. The citizens of Saudi Arabia coming from Iran through Bahrain. The government captured him and after in deep investigation, the case of the COVID-19 has confirmed.

This is mentioned din Saudi-Expatriates that this case in relation to the previous one. Moreover, it is not the 2nd who revealed by the authorities. For other public, there is no need to worry about anything. Read the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to Refund Umrah Visa Fees.

The patient is now in one of the 1400 quarantine hospitals and the government is taking care of him. They are taking action to protect him, according to The News, the anti-coronavirus will come in 90 days in short 3 months. Thus with the help of Allah, it will help all of us and cure us.

Why I am telling you not to worry about anything. Because the government is taking each and every single step necessary to protect its people. However, D is what we have come for in this world.  Read KSA Temporarily Ban Umrah Due to Coronavirus.

If our time has come then there is nothing who can stop it but the Almighty Allah. Just pray to Allah and take some precautions, for example wearing masks in the public areas, etc.

Let me information each pharmacy in the Kingdom is getting out of stock of the masks. The demand is very high and as per the pharmacy owner, they are getting out of stock once every two days after the order.

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