Photos Video Sharing of Curfew is a Violation in KSA

There is an official tweet on Twitter. It is all about to stop sharing and videos of the curfew held in the Kingdom. It is strongly mentioned that it is a crime. I mean sharing and uploading a photo and videos fo the curfew to social media. However, those who do it will be punished as per the law. Let get to the details about this below.

Sharing Photo & Videos of the Curfew is a Violation

The official Saudi Arabia Public Prosecution has ward each person in the KSA. They mentioned that each person who share any photo and video in term of the violation. I mean sharing on social media is a crime. It is all about encouraging to break the curfew rules to face the prosecution. Keep this in mind before doing anything against the rules. Read New Jafurah Gas Project Details in Saudi Arabia.

Here how the tweet looks like when we translated it into English. The contents sharing in terms of curfew violation on social sites. It will be considered a major crime. It will lead the government to arrest the violater as of Article 6 in KSA LAW.

In short, Article 6 is information Crime Prevention Law can get you imprisonment of five years. Though there is a huge SAR 3 million without any accountability to the informants.

So what are we suggest in such a situation? Think about it, if you wanna get jail for 5 years. Also if wanna pay the fine of SAR 3 million. Then it fine to do such a crime. But if you can not afford then stop doing such violations. Stop sharing such content on social media sites. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and related ones. Read Employee Rights as per KSA’s Labor Law.

Remember this is the only way to keep yourself from such penalties. However, you and I, we both the government of the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They never compromise while obeying their duties. So stop such things to be safe and stay in your home until the next announcement.

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