Pharmacy Jobs will Increase Gradually in KSA

The MLSD in Saudi Arabia is about to localize pharmacy jobs in KSA. There is recently announced by MLSD (Ministry of Labor and Social Development). They mentioned that the pharmacy jobs to be increased in KSA gradually and should be localized. They are about to increase the opportunity to give Saudi citizens jobs.

Pharmacy Jobs in KSA

Both the MLSD and MOH are cooperating to localize and increase the pharmacy profession in Saudi Arabia. It is good news for Saudi citizens especially with a person having the pharmacy profession. For your information, this is all about Saudization.

The changes are going to take place in July 2020 this year. However, they are giving it a full workforce meant to localize such jobs by 20% in the first phase of the project. However, the 2nd phase will take the place next year 2021 in July. Next year the localization of the pharmacy should be localized up to 30% as they mentioned.

On the other side, the SFDA mentioned that each pharmacy will about get jobs to 5 Saudi nationals. However, the more Saudization will take place side by side, as these pharmacies increase they companies will provide more products and medicines and though they will higher more personals. Sucha as Marketing Specialists, agents, distributors, etc.

The also mentioned that the project aims to increase Saudization and the good health of Saudi citizens in local areas. As far as we know, it is a good and better implementation by the Saudi government. A great step for a great nation. Thanks to the government of Saudi Arabia. Read Check Saudi Iqama Expiry Date without Absher.

These implementations will help thousands of Arabic people in the health sector and get jobs to pharmacy profession holders. For expatriates, on the other hand, it is a piece of good news. All the medical companies will about to higher more expatriates and non-expatriates if the production needs to increase. What do you think of this decision? Let us know the comment below.

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