10 Tips for Sadaqah or Charity in KSA

My sweet and beautiful religion Islam is giving us suggestions such as Sadaqah or charity. Charity is English and Sadaqah is an Arabic word. Both these words have the same meaning “Giving Help”. Today in the post, I will share 10 tips for charity, so that you can make these tips as your habit.

10 Tips for Sadaqah or Charity

In Islam charity or Sadaqah is like giving someone help with money. People give help in the form of money to the poor so that there should be peace in their life by the Grace of God. The charity or Zakat or Sadaqah has also known the third pillar of the Islamic religion. Anyways here are my top 10 tips for Zakat, Charity or Sadaqah:

  1. Look for if there is any Mosque construction going on, talk to the responsible person there and share your money.
  2. Also if there is any ongoing construction buy some juice or water or meal for the labor working there.
  3. Sponsor poor and orphans with your extra money.
  4. In the outer window in your home or room, keep a bowl of water or just fill with some kinds of wheat seeds, so that birds can eat them.
  5. Don’t just throughout your old clothes, shoes and other wearing material. Search for the poor near you and give it to them.
  6. Keep smiling at and ask them if they need some help.
  7. Forgive everyone before you sleep.
  8. Keep the Quran in a Mosque.
  9. Share a little amount of money if some has ask for it.
  10. Don’t hurt others.

As the above is kind of small tips but trust me you will feel better in your life. However, make these tips as your habit and you will a happier life by the grace all mighty Allah.

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