New Traffic Violation Fines Updates in KSA

Saudi is a country of petroleum and cars. There are thousands of accidents in the Kingdom per year. The accidents are causing people to pay with their lives. That is why Saudi Arabia implemented new updates on the traffic violation list.

Basically what the government of Saudi Arabia is trying to do is to stop these accidents and save as many lives as they can. This is the main reason they have tightened the rules for traffic. I really think these are some great improvements.

Anyways below are some of the common violations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the fee list per violation. Let me have a look…

New Traffic Violations and Fines

All the common traffic violations are divided and subcategorized by the government into 4 types. There are hundreds of types of violations but we cannot cover all of those in the list below. That is why we have selected some serious ones and with more fines so that you must be aware of and avoid these violations.

  • There is a fine of SAR 100 to 150 if someone leaves the vehicle without turning off the engine.
  • Insurance is a must and if you don’t have an insurance card then there is a fine of SAR 100 – 150.
  • Changing lanes, and getting U-Turns without signals should fine you SAR 150 to 300.
  • When you reverse your vehicle in more than a 20-meter area, it will cost you SAR 150 up to SAR 300.
  • Irregular car painting, not wearing a seatbelt, issues in the car, and some maintenance may cost you a fine of SAR 150 up to 300.
  • Destructible horns in public areas, and keeping insufficient distance in the lanes will cost you SAR 150 up to SAR 300.
  • Throwing shoppers, wasted food, etc on the road should find you SAR 300 up to 500.
  • If you don’t use a proper seatbelt for the child the fine is SAR 500 to 900.
  • The expired driving license fine is SAR 500 to 900 in Saudi Arabia. You must renew your driving license on time.

Traffic Violations with Huge Fines

There is a kind of traffic violation that will cost a huge fine. They are:

  • Improper or not having a vehicle registration plate fine is SAR 1000 to 2000.
  • Exceeding the number of passengers in one vehicle the fine is SAR 1000 to 2000.
  • SAR 3000 to 6000 fine on breaking traffic signals.
  • Improper overtaking in the lanes violation fine is SAR 3000 to 6000.
  • If an accident happened and the other party is injured and the mistakes are yours then you should pay the fine of SAR 100,000 and May 2 years of jail.

So these are the most common traffic violations list and you must avoid them to keep yourself safe from jail and huge fines.

The below full list of MOI’s new 2020 traffic violations list in Saudi Arabia explains and everything clearly. So citizens and ex-pats must understand these fines and take care while driving in Saudi Arabia. The government is paying much more attention to reducing the number of accidents and D because of the traffic in KSA. However, have a look at the below list of new violations and their fines.

SAR 100 up to 15o Fine on:

  • If you leave the vehicle while the engine of your vehicle is up and running
  • do not leave your car identity and insurance documents somewhere else, if you do you will pay the above penalty
  • Never take a direct U-turn in areas that are separate for pedestrians only
  • Please don’t park your car or vehicle specified for pedestrians areas for crossing only

SAR 150 up to 300 Fine on:

  • Changing indicators while still in the lane on the road, if you do, you will need to pay the penalty
  • It is totally prohibited to reverse a vehicle for more than 20-meters on the double or main road also in the city areas
  • It should be your top priority to keep your driving license
  • Miss usage of horns and wrong driving on the main roads
  • Maintain your car, if not then you know what will happen
  • Fastening seat belts while driving
  • Not keeping a proper distance between vehicles while a drive
  • Don’t stay somewhere an accident happened
  • Phone use

A fine of SAR 300 up to 500 on:

  • If you don’t focus on driving and looking here and there
  • If you have an expired license if you asked to provide one
  • Never use child seats if you are a mature person
  • Never ever leave kids in the car lonely

Fine of SAR 500 up to 900 on:

  • It is prohibited to follow emergency vehicles with a red blowing siren in the Kingdom
  • Breaking traffic signals in KSA all cities
  • You should never use any type of slogan or stickers on the car
  • Don’t drink anything in your car such as tea, coffee, water, wine, etc
  • Use black and sort of glass in windows, your face must look clear the police looking at you

Traffic Fine of SAR 1000 up to 2000 on:

  • If your car’s number plate is missing or modified and broken
  • Please never use a damaged number plate and it is just be placed in the back and front
  • Not overload too much the vehicle with more than the allowed passengers in public transport as well as home cars
  • Usage of extra lights in the cars at night

Traffic Fine of SAR 3000 up to 6000 on:

  • Crossing the signals in bad manners
  • Unusual overtaking students or school bus
  • If you are driving in the opposite or wrong direction on the road

A fine of SAR 5000 up to 10,000 on Violation of:

  • It is completely illegal and you may get jail as well if someone else car number plate
  • If your vehicle’s number is scratched or unable to read clearly

The Fine of SAR 20,000 with 4 Years of Jail on:

  • Do you have any idea your vehicle may get auctioned If the driver doesn’t get back his seized vehicle? Yes kindly note that
  • If there is an accident because of your wrong driving which leads lives to D and uncurable injury
  • If an accident happens because of your wrong or unusual driving then you may get 2 years in jail and a 10,000 SAR fine.

Most Common Traffic Violations in the Kingdom

In Saudi, the large violation is over speeding and miss using cars. The second-largest violation is people don’t stop while the signal is red and hot. The third-largest violation and accidents are vehicles too closely. People also get drinks such as water, wine, etc while driving.

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  1. pj says

    if i delayed in paying the traffic violation will it double up?

    1. Admin says

      Yes, that is why it is important to pay the traffic fine on time.

  2. Mohammed says

    hi Admin, how much is the traffic fine for turning right on red light without pausing

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