Saudi New Travel Advisory for India

Saudi Arabia’s government has warned its citizens to for taking care while visiting the northeast states in India. There are recently three clashed and people injured which is the main reason behind this as stated in the Saudi Expatriates blog.

So as of now, Saudi Arabia issued a new travel advisory for India to its citizens and residents as well. This is because the ongoing protests in the northern states of India. So each expatriate and Saudi citizen must need to care about visiting those states.

There are recent updates and information which the Saudi Embassy has recently told its citizens. The citizens and residents have been told that they should avoid visiting northern states in India.

This is not just for Saudi people, but each person living in this world should take care about this. The ongoing protest is not OK for each one of us. So now these days we must avoid visiting India’s northern areas and its states.

As I mentioned earlier, this not for people in Saudi Arabia but all over the globe. Not just Saudi Embassy but United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Canada, United Kingdom and these countries embassy warned their people to not visit there.

There are new amendments in the law, which is causing thousands of protesters against the new citizenship. The people called protesters have taken all the road sin India northern states, they have shut down the shops and petrol pumps etc.

It has been violent because of protesters in Assam, Delhi, West Bengal, and related cities. However, in all other places in the India, those areas and states are safe for visit and everything. Each places except northern states are peaceful and safe. So you don’t need to worry about that.

For your information many popular universities students have taken the action against the new law and they are out there as protester but with peace.

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