Saudi Arabia to Increase Pakistani Workers Quota

There is a new ongoing project in Saudi Arabia called Taif City Development. Recently Pakistani authorities sent a request to Saudi Arabia to increase their manpower. Now there is a piece of good news for all Pakistani labor that Saudi Arabia accepted the request and they are about the labor manpower quota.

The new Taif City is under development with multi-billion dollars. Definity the project requires more manpower and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran’s special assistance made it possible. Saudi Government accepted the request and they about start releasing more visas for Pakistani labor.

As the prime minister, Imran Khan stated this in a very recent tweet that “We asked Saudi Arabi to increase our manpower for the New Taif City Project”. Thanks to the government of Saudi Arabi for accepting the request.

The labor minister of Saudi Arabia took some time but accept the request. Both of these countries are going toward the peek. Which is good for both countries in terms of wealth.

There is another good news the Saudi Labor Minister also promised to set up a proper mechanism. He also mentioned that the manpower is about to play an independent role in the project as Prime Minister Imran Asked for such a thing.

Now both of these countries Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have to play the role of the development as Pakistan is now transferring more manpower in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As previously Saudi Arabia has completed the recent airport in Jeddah called King Abdul Aziz International Airport. Now they are about to build a new airport for Taif city also.

In Taif City they are building a new airport, residential areas, universities, and also an industrial city. So Saudi Arabia has demanded thousands of skilled workers and local manpower as this is a mega project and it is a multi-million dollar project.

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