Register Membership in Saudi Council (SCE) as Technician

This is a very simple guide on how to register for membership in the Suadi Council of Engineers as a Technician. It is very important for all expatriates how to have the iqama profession as Technicians to register themselves in SCE. Because the Saudi government stated that their iqama won’t be renewed if they are not registered.

Well, there is great news for diploma holders, as they can register online with ease in SCE. If you don’t know the procedure then you are here at the right place to know about it. Well, let me not waste time and get into the procedure of membership registration.

How to Register Membership in SCE as Technician (For Diploma Holders)

You can easily register your membership in the Saudi Council of Engineers by following these steps:

  1. The first step you need to take is to create an account in the SCE, to create one visit SCE.
  2. Now you need to scan your attested Technical certificate or diploma and upload it to your profile.
  3. Also, fill out and upload this authorization form carefully.
  4. You need to upload your valid iqama ID, a copy of your passport, the visa entry page of your passport, and two passport-size photos.
  5. SCE will review all your documents shortly.

The above procedure is only for those who have a valid and attested certificate or diploma. However, expatriates don’t have any certificates or diplomas. Follow the below procedure in order to register your membership.

Saudi Council of Engineers
Saudi Council of Engineers

Membership Registration Procedure for Non-Diploma Holders in SCE

All expatriate who doesn’t have a valid technician certification or diploma can register their membership in the Saudi Council of Engineers following these simple steps:

  1. Create your account on SCE but you must have a valid experience certificate from your previous company or employer or sponsor.
  2. Download, fill, and upload this authorization form.
  3. You also need to upload an intro letter from the current sponsor attested by COC (Chamber of Commerce), a copy of your Iqama ID, a visa entry page, and passport-size pictures.
Letter of Authorization and Confirmation by SEC
Letter of Authorization and Confirmation by SEC

Once everything is successful, you will be good to go. Now you don’t need to worry about your iqama renewal issue and similar ones. You must be facilitated by a company or sponsor with full rights and benefits as a Technician.

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  1. Sembulingam says

    I want to registration Saudi council engineering technicians

  2. maqdoom mohiuddin khaja says

    my iqama expire on 30 nov 2020 till i did not get any payment request for renewal

  3. ceasar says

    how can i renew my expired temporary membership?please advise.thanks.

  4. Raul Domulot says

    How to know your membership in sce is.temporary or permanent?

  5. Sultan4u says

    Sir I have got my new visa as computer programmer now my company is asking me to register in SCE to get my Iqama and i have 3 years bachelor degree attested by already by Saudi cultural attaché in India,

    My question how much time it will take to get approval for the SCE for Technician and what is the verification process for the same..?

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