STC Kuwait Internet Packages Prepaid [2024]

STC in Kuwait gives you great internet packages for your prepaid line. STC “Go” is there to get you more internet at a cheap price and with enough validity. It is one of the best telecom providers in Kuwait. You can avail of any data and internet bundle with ease with the activation code.

In this guide, I will show you all STC internet packages with price, activation code, and validity. All internet bundles mean KD 5, 8, 12, and 18. I will also show you free minutes, calls, SMS locations, and international as well. So let’s get started:

STC Internet Packages Kuwait

Let’s have a look at all STC internet packages for prepaid users in KUWAIT. Price, Activation code, validity, local and international minutes, internet data, and more.

30GB for KD 5

Go 5 Package: Enjoy 5GB of internet data for the price of KD 5.00 only. Free 100 local minutes. The validity is 30 days. To subscribe, send an SMS with 12 to 510. You can also dial the activation code for the 5GB package which is *510*12#.

60GB for KD 6

Go 6 Package: For 1 month you can have a 60GB of internet package. The price of the monthly 60GB package is KD 6.00. You will also get 100 local minutes within Kuwait and 100 to other networks. To activate the 60GB package for 1 month, dial this code *510*13# or send an SMS with 13 to 510.

200GB for KD 9

Go 9 Package: Need more internet data? Get the 100GB internet package for KD 9.00 only. You will get 500 local free minutes and Unlimited social media. However, to get the package, dial this code *510*14#. Alternatively, you can send an SMS with 14 to 510 to subscribe to the 100GB package.

200GB for KD 15

Go 15 Package: More internet data, enough validity, and unlimited minutes. Yes, for the price of KD 15.00 only, you will get 200GB of internet data, with unlimited STC to STC and local free minutes for 1 month. To easily activate the package dial *510*15# or you can send an SMS with 15 to 510.

500GB for KD 19

Go 19 Package: Get 500GB of internet data and unlimited social media data only for KD 19.00. The validity is only 30 days. However, you also get unlimited minutes from STC to STC and unlimited local minutes to other numbers. Use the STC app to subscribe to the bundle.

1TB for KD 21

Go 21 Package: Get 1000GB of internet data and unlimited social media data only for KD 21.00. The validity is only 30 days. Unlimited minutes from STC to STC and unlimited local minutes to other numbers are included in the package. You can use the STC app to subscribe to the package.

There is another exciting internet offer available right now on STC in Kuwait. The offer is VIVA Internet Booster. The details of the offer are:

STC Internet Booster Package

You can have the best add-on internet data on the go on your STC Kuwait line. Internet Booster packages are always there to help. Please have a look at the details:

Internet Booster 15GB

For KD 3.00 for 1 month, you can enjoy 15GB of internet data. However, there are no free minutes, etc. To activate the booster add-on of 15GB, dial this code *510*33#. You can also send an SMS with 33 to 510 to get the booster package.

Internet Booster 50GB

Even you can have a 50GB booster add-on for a very fair price. Get 50GB of Internet data for KD 5.00 for a whole month. Though there are no local or STC to STC minutes included in the package. To subscribe to the 50GB Booster package, SMS 32 to 510 or dial *510*32#.

You will need to activate local data bundles e.g KD 5, 8, 12, or 18. Then you will be able to get the booster one. For your information, the booster plan is just for prepaid users. However, the booster plan will not renew automatically. When you use all internet data, you will be then redirected to the STC home page.

Check Remaining Data Balance on STC KW

To check your remaining balance or internet data. You will need to dial *555#. Moreover, you can check or track your remaining balance by dialing *556#. It is not confirmed whether the service may charge you or not. So this is on your own.

So now you know about STC internet packages and bundles with free resources as well. You can activate any of them as you want. For more questions comment below and call their customer care support in order to get the proper information.

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