How to Get Etisalat Credit Loan Balance & Data UAE

Running out of mobile balance on Etisalat? Don’t worry you can borrow from Etisalat 10 AED up to 80 AED once a month if you are a prepaid user. You can easily get a credit loan on your prepaid sim card when your credit is 1 AED or lower. Get it now and pay it later on your next recharge.

There is no need to worry about this amazing feature called Etisalat Reverse Credit Service. You can either get the data loan or credit balance on the go.

It happens a lot when you are traveling etc and suddenly you notice that your credit is getting low. But if you are using the Etisalat network in UAE, you are lucky. Because the company can get you a credit loan balance of AED 10, 6 up to 80 AED per month. However, the amount will be charged on your next recharge.

In this guide, I will show you how to get Etisalat emergency credit easily. I will show you the loan code, SMS procedure, and terms and conditions. Just remember that this service is only for prepaid users.

Etisalat Loan Benefits and Eligibility

There are lots of benefits but the only thing is that you should be eligible to get the service. The service is only for prepaid users in the UAE. You will only be eligible and can get the loan. If you are using an Etisalat prepaid sim for 3 months & used at least AED 10.

To check if you are eligible or not just dial *108*1#. Shortly you will be notified via SMS.

The loan balance amount range is from AED 6, 10 up to 80 per month. It also depends on the usage of your prepaid SIM card. For example, if you are using more Etisalat monthly you can avail balance of up to 80 AED. Once the mobile balance is getting lower than AED 1, you will get an SMS that “Hey you can get (up to this amount loan)” and pay it later.

How to get Etisalat credit balance loan

To get/subscribe to the credit loan service just dial *108*1#, You can easily unsubscribe anytime by dialing *108*2#. Moreover to track or check the reservice credit balance just dial *121#. That is all, you may also get a confirmation text message from Etisalat.

How to get Etisalat Internet data loan

You can subscribe and get an internet data loan for one day on Etisalat. All you need is to dial *108#. The credit nonstop silver data plan will be valid for one day only. The price is AED 6 and the service VAT is 5% excluded. Access the internet all day with a speed of up to 400Kbps.

However, there is a fair usage policy as well. When you use the internet of 250MB, the speed will be reduced to 64Kbps. Access all the internet or use it for social activities the choice is totally yours. Feel free to comment below with any query or question in the above content. We would love to reply and feedback.

Once you have the loan, you can activate any of the affordable Etisalat bundles. However, the choice is totally yours. But remember to keep tracking your remaining balance data. It is important. You will also a notification but this is to remind you that it costs some extra AEDs.

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