How to Check Etisalat Postpaid Balance

In this guide, Learn how to check Etisalat postpaid balance and data in UAE. There are lots of methods you can follow the track your balance and data usage. But I will show one of the best and easy methods, which is easy, straight forward and there is no cost on it. Then you will be able to keep checking Etisalat postpaid balance or data anytime anywhere.

That method is using My Etisalat UAE Application on Android and iOS. I am not talking about the third application but the official one. Moreover, there is an offer going on right now. If you install and invite friends, then you and your friend will get 1GB of free Etisalat data.

Check Etisalat Postpaid Balance

To check your postpaid balance or data just download and install My Etisalat UAE official application on Android or iOS. After installation, open My Etisalat UAE application and login, then go to my Usage. There you will see your current balance and due amount as well. However, the USSD code for Etisalat postpaid balance check is *142#, try this code as well *121*1#. You can also track the followings:

My Usage: You can also track your internet data packages usage and consumption. Out of bundles usage and track where you are using the specific amount of data more. Not just this but lots of internet data patterns.

Bills & Payments: There is a separate section of all the postpaid billing needs. You can easily pay a single bill and multiple bills. Easy recharge your Etisalat account and view the history usage for the last six months. You can control billing limits and it’s settings. With this feature, you can pay bills, recharge the Wasel account, also set the bill limits, and track the transaction history.

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Shop, Share Credit, and Data Balance: The application also allows you to, shop for new voice and data packages. Also, roaming packs, eLife TV packs, special offers, and value-added services. Moreover, you can instantly subscribe to the new package and so on.

Share Mobile Credit and Data on the go. You can easily transfer your mobile balance and data pack with anyone through the application. Also, international credit transfer is available.

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