Saudi Arabia New Petrol Prices – 2020

Recently on July 14th-2019, Saudi Aramco mentioned that all the domestic gas prices are subject to fluctuations. And that is because of changes in export prices of fuel from Saudi Arabia. the giant Saudi State Oil Company, Saudi Aramco announced the news and hiking in the petrol price in 2020.

Saudi Arabia New Petrol Price 2020

Type Old Price New Price
Octane 95 SAR 2.10 SAR 2.18
Octane 91 SAR 1.44 SAR 1.53


The oil price increase is 3.8% for Octane”95″ gasoline. The last price was SAR 2.10. However, the new pice is SAR 2.18. Moreover, for Octane”91″ the price raised from SAR 1.44 to SAR 1.53 /liter. This is as per the official Aramco statement.

Unofficial saying, the main reason behind the fluctuations in the export charges and related change. On the other side, the OPEC partners restricting the oil production as the Saudi Kingdom has been awarded by $15 billion in the major 34 contracts. And do you know that half of these dollars are going to the Saudi firms only? But the aim behind this is to boost the oil output at 2 “offshore” deposits.

Moreover, this giant company is about to add a sum of 550,000 barrels per day to Marjan and the Berri oil fields. It did not yet but the top 16 winning projects company are subjected to special the actual completed date.

For your information, the big giant the “Saudi Aramco” instantly produces over 10 million barrels in a day. However, their aim is to higher production volume up to 13 million a day, just for the safety of shortages.

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