Zain to Zain Balance Transfer Procedure 2024

Learn how to transfer a balance from Zain to another Zain number in Saudi Arabia. Zain is a leading, popular, and better telecom provider in KSA. It’s best because of its amazing internet package, call packages, and SMS plans for both prepaid and postpaid users. Anyhow, today I will show a quick procedure for how you can share or transfer credit from one Zain number to another. So let’s dive in.

Well, the first thing you want to know is that the credit receiver must have a valid Iqama number to receive the balance. This is normal but I was just curious to tell you about it.

Transfer Balance from Zain to Zain

To share the balance successfully, you must have a minimum balance of SAR 20. Then you can follow the below steps.

  1. Compose a new “text message”.
  2. Type in “BT [space] recipient Zain number [space] Balance in SAR”.
  3. Send the message to “702702”.
  4. An example is BT 0592221417 20 & send it to 702702.

Now that you (As sender) have done everything fine, the receiver must do the following steps to complete the transfer and receive the credit amount. As the receiver, you need to follow the below steps to complete the transaction.

  1. Write a “message”.
  2. Type in “ID [space] ten-digit ID Iqama number”.
  3. Send the message to “702702”.
  4. An example is ID 11233548652.

That’s now that both of you (Send and Receiver) have done everything fine, the transaction should be completed successfully. You may face some troubles, in that case just call 959 and tell them the exact issue you are having. They will guide you with the solution. Don’t forget that you number you are using must be registered under your Iqama, you can check it out here.

Can I Transfer Internet Data from Zain to Zain?

Unfortunately, none of the prepaid or postpaid users are allowed to share their internet data. There is no such procedure you can follow in order to share internet data balance with anyone in KSA. So please don’t waste your time searching for that. If Zain in KSA provides such a solution for sharing data from Zain to Zain then, I will update this post.

Can I Transfer Balance from Zain to Mobily, STC, Friendi, or Virgin?

The short and final answer is NO. Telecom companies don’t allow anyone to share the internet or mobile credit. Yeah, you guys heard me, sad but true. I will suggest you waste your precious time finding a solution to it.

Terms and Conditions:

There are some regulations you may want to know before sending your credit to anybody in KSA, and they are:

  • All prepaid users are allowed to share only up to 50 SAR.
  • The minimum transaction amount must be SAR 10.
  • You are not allowed to share Zain bonus points.
  • You should have used a minimum amount of SAR 25 since you bought a Zain sim card. Then you will be eligible to share the credit.
  • The recipient doesn’t need to comply with any of the above.

If you still have any queries on Zain to Zain balance transfer, let us know in the comment below or call 959 for further details.

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  1. Muhammad shoaib says

    Hi Brother , by mistake I load calling card to my Data sim.. can i get my money back or can transfer that balance to my calling mobile?

    1. Admin says

      Yes, use your Zain app it is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Also, call 959 if you cannot do it manually.

  2. Temitope says

    Hi, I mistakenly recharge my phone with a bigger amount.
    can I get part of my money back?

    1. Admin says


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