STC 10GB Package for 3 Months and More Data Plans

STC is back with a 10GB internet package for months. A couple of months ago STC banned the three-month data pack, but again they introduced it with more great features. Now the data allowance is the same as 10,000 MB but the price is cheap at SR 201.5. The pack is eligible for only prepaid customers/users.

Currently, there are 3 different plans available at STC. But the difference is validity and price, one is 1 month and the 2nd is for two months. However, the third one is for 90 days.

In this guide, I will show all Sawa STC packs with validity, price, and activation. For example 50GB, 100GB, 300GB, and up to unlimited data plans. I will share the activation code for all these data bundles. So let’s get into it.

Page Contents:

STC 10GB and More Internet Data Packages Monthly:

Details including 10 GB and more packages with validity, price, and activation are:

Package NameData allowancePrice in SRValidityActivation Code
10GB Package 10GB 109.25 1 Month SMS "2155" to 900
10GB Package 10GB 155 2 Months SMS "2156" to 900
10GB Package 10GB201.5 3 Months SMS "2157" to 900
50GB Package 50GB 230 2 Months SMS "2158" to 900
100GB Package 100GB 350 3 Months SMS "2159" to 900
300GB Package 300GB 470 3 Months SMS "2160" to 900
Unlimited Package Unlimited 100 1 Week SMS "2162" to 900
Unlimited Package Unlimited 350 1 Month SMS "2161" to 900
Unlimited Package Unlimited1121.003 Months SMS "2739" to 900

All the above internet data packages are without fair usage including the unlimited one. This is to remember that the price mentioned above does not include VAT 5%. However, whenever you are paying, you will need to pay 5% more.

Terms and Conditions

  • The unlimited bundles mentioned above are only for a limited time. They can be changed anytime.
  • The price mentioned above is without 5% VAT.
  • You can check the remaining STC balance following this guide.
  • The above bundles are only for prepaid customers in Saudi Arabia.
  • If you are a postpaid user, buy a new prepaid sim card and any of these plans as you like.
  • The packages mentioned will not automatically renew. You can reactivate the one you want more.


The STC 3 months packages with 10GB of internet data, were banned before. Surprisingly, now they again introduced it at a cheap price and the same data allowance. I show you how to activate and how to get a new sim card. You will need to visit the nearest STC SAWA outlet or shop. Moreover, keep tracking data usage is very important.

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