Zain Internet Packages for Prepaid Users [2022]

Zain provides us with more and better-prepaid internet packages, pick one that suits your requirements (June 2022). With 4G/5G speed, data plans enjoy fast connectivity and more internet daily, weekly, and monthly. Zain gives you different offers, at a cheap price, with more validity, and more data. All packs start from 50MB, 250MB, and 1GB up to an unlimited data plan.

In this guide, I am going to show you 12 different plans. So that you can pick one and activate it. I am also going to show you the prices, activation code, deactivation code, duration, and more features of these plans. Find details for 50MB, 250MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 5GB, 8GB, 25GB, 30GB, 75GB, 10GB, 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 150GB and 300GB plan here.

Zain Internet Packages (Prepaid)

All these packs have different capacities. They are made for every person using the Zain sim card in KSA. Pick one from speed 4G as well as 5G packs and activate it on the go by sending the activation code 959. So let’s explore all prepaid plans below.

PackageDurationPriceActivation code 
50MB 1 daySAR 2.00 Send "401" to 959 Send "4012" to 959
250MB1 daySAR 5.00 Send "402" to 959 Send "4022" to 959
1GB 1 weekSAR 15.00 Send "404" to 959 Send "4042" to 959
2GB1 monthSAR 30.00 Send "405" to 959 Send "4052" to 959
4GB1 monthSAR 50.00 Send "406" to 959 Send "4062" to 959
8GB1 monthSAR 75.00 Send "407" to 959 Send "4072" to 959
25GB+25GB Social1 monthSAR 99.00 Send "408" to 959 Send "4082" to 959
30GB+30GB Social3 monthsSAR 175.00 Send "409" to 959 Send "4092" to 959
75GB+75GB Social2 monthsSAR 199.00 Send "410" to 959 Send "4102" to 959
100GB+100GB Social 3 monthsSAR 299.00 Send "421" to 959 Send "4212" to 959
150GB+150GB Social3 monthsSAR 399.00 Send "422" to 959 Send "4222" to 959
Unlimited 5G+Social1 monthSAR 325.00 Send "416" to 959 Send "4162" to 959
Unlimited 5G+Social3 monthsSAR 999.00 Send "417" to 959 Send "4172" to 959
100GB2 monthSAR 160.00 Send "411" to 959 Send "4112" to 959
300GB3 monthsSAR 450.00 Send "414" to 959 Send "4142" to 959

Terms and Conditions

  • All prepaid users are applicable to activate these packages.
  • The above prices, all prices are inclusive of VAT 15%.
  • There are no hidden charges on activation or deactivation of any pack.
  • Postpaid users can buy a new sim card in the Kingdom the avail of any pack.
  • There is auto-renewal, to renew any of the above plans, just the activation code to 959 again to get it.
  • The price can be changed anytime.
  • No charges on renewal.
  • You can use the data for everything, however, there are no special social media apps included.

Keep in mind that, you must consume the total available data in your desired pack. If not then the data will not be added to the next renewal or subscription. For more information, you can call 959 or comment below. We will be glad to help you out. However, if you want to check your remaining data balance on Zain, here is how to do it. Feel free to comment for more information or price confirmation.

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  1. Md shafiqul islam says

    Dear sir.
    Zain wifi bundle haw much Sar. In 1 month ksa.?

    1. Shams Ali says

      Are you talking about internet package? or Zain WiFi device?

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