Mobily Internet Offers All New Packages 2023

Newly launched Mobily internet best offers in 2023. Here, I will show you all internet bundles with price, activation, and validity. All offers 150MB, 500MB, 1GB, and 2GB plans are available. Also, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, and 50GB packages with cheap prices and more validity. I will show more packages 100GB, 300GB, 600GB, and unlimited for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 6 months.

Moreover, these internet packages are available to prepaid users in KSA. The company provides amazing and cheapest rates for Expats and Saudi citizens in KSA. I am going to show you guys the total price, duration, activation code, and renewal code, and also how to stop the auto-renewal for all these packages.

Now you can enjoy the fastest speed in Saudi Arabia while using Mobily data sim everywhere.

Mobily Internet Offers (Packages) 2023

Choose the package that fulfills your internet needs, from weekly and monthly 150MB up to 600GB plans.

Internet offer/PackagePriceDurationActivation/RenewalStop Auto-Renewal
150MB SR. 5.75 15 days Send 750 to 1100 Send 00750 to 1100
500MB SR. 17.25 15 days Send 5100 to 1100 Send 5102 to 1100
1GB SR. 34.51 month Send 6100 to 1100 Send 6102 to 1100
2GB SR. 57.5 1 month Send 7200 to 1100 Send 7203 to 1100
5GB SR. 86.25 1 month Send 7300 to 1100 Send 7302 to 1100
10GB SR. 109.5 1 month Send 7050 to 1100 Send 7052 to 1100
10GB SR. 189.75 3 months Send 6070 to 1100 Send 6072 to 1100
20GB+20GB+40GB Social SR. 155.25 1 month Send 6300 to 1100 Send 6302 to 1100
20GB SR. 253 3 months Send 8200 to 1100 Send 8202 to 1100
50GB+25GB+75GB Social free SR. 241.5 2 months Send 7090 to 1100 Send 7092 to 1100
50GB SR. 299 3 months Send 8070 to 1100 Send 8072 to 1100
100GB SR. 184 1 month Send 7080 to 1100 Send 7082 to 1100
100GB+100GB Social SR. 368 3 months Send 8080 to 1100 Send 8082 to 1100
300GB SR. 517.5 3 months Send 300 to 1100 NA
600GB SR. 1035 6 months Send 606 to 1100 NA
Unlimited dataSR. 373.751 monthSend 4930 to 1100Send 4932 to 1100
As I mentioned in the above table, just send the activation code to 1100 and your chosen offer will be activated right away. However, there are some terms and conditions you may want to know.

Terms and Conditions

The above-mentioned plans/offers will automatically be renewed. However, if you don’t like the auto-renewal, then you can deactivate the auto-renewal by sending the deactivation code to 1100.

All prepaid users can apply for as many as packages they like. Postpaid users can buy a new sim card from the nearest Mobily outlet and any shop selling Mobily’s sim cards.

You must consume (all data included in your plan) before the expiry date. If there is still some data available on your plan do you think it will be added to your next subscription? Then you are wrong, it won’t.

The prices we mentioned in the above table for all Mobily Internet offers 2023, are not included VAT 15%. Moreover, the VAT of 15% will be deducted right when you recharge your Mobily line or number.

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