Friendi Sim and Internet Packages KSA

Friendi is on its way to getting to the top because Friendi Mobile is providing the best sim packages for prepaid users. In Saudi Arabia, Friendi Mobile is one of the best service providers in terms of strong signals everywhere. They provide data-only packages, local and international SMS, and monthly internet packages.

They provide fewer data but with a cheap price and quite enough validity. You can get a Friendi mobile sim with local and international SMS, 2GB data, 3GB, & 5GB monthly internet.

In this guide, learn about the activation or migration and rates/prices of Friendi mobile sim and data plan.

Friendi Data Sim Internet Packages

The company does not just provide internet packs but local and international SMS as well. Moreover, the details are:

Sim detailsPrice SARValiditySMS Rate in SAR
2GB SIM 50.00 1 Month 0.25/SMS
3GB SIM 70.00 1 Month 0.25/SMS
5GB SIM 110.00 1 Month 0.25/SMS

Migration to Friendi Data SIM

If you are using another plan, you can easily migrate to any of the above-mentioned data SIM plans. All you need to dial *113# and that’s it. However, it has not confirmed what will be the price and fee, etc.

How to Activate Friendi Data Sim Packages

The activation is easy and simple, just dial *109# and follow the instructions. Moreover, it has not confirmed what will be the price and activation fee, etc. The best thing is you will receive, cheap local and international SMS rates.

Before activation let me remind the company only provides data plans for monthly usage. But their connectivity of 3GB/4G is unbeatable and strong. So no matter where you live in KSA, your mobile signals will be strong enough to serve the internet better.

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