Check Kafeel Red or Green Nitaqat Status

Kafeel is actually your sponsor, might be an individual, company, Mosasa, or institute. The word “Kafeel” or “Kafil” means a sponsor, a responsible person for you, and a lot of authority. Before checking the Kafeel red and green status, it is important to know the sponsor ID first. There are several ways to find out the sponsor’s ID and name in Saudi Arabia.

The simple and easiest way is to ask your sponsor or the HR office. Why do you need to ask them first? Because you have the full right to ask them. Alternatively, you can go to your MOI Absher account, if you have not created one, make one here. Then go to E-Services, Unders Expats affairs click on family visa services, and a new page will open. At the end, you will be able to see your sponsor’s full details.

So now that you know your sponsor ID or name, you can find out or check Kafeel’s red or green status. Not just Kafil but Mosasa, iqama check institute, or company red or green as well. Do you know what are red or green or Nitaqat colors? Well, let me explain it below. (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024).

What are the Nitaqat Colors?

The Nitaqat system was introduced in 2011 by the MOL (Ministry of Labor). The colors such as red, green, yellow, and platinum are categories of Saudization. Saudization means the number of Saudi citizens. Red color means the lowest Saudization, green means average Saudization, yellow means low, and platinum means the highest numbers number of Saudi citizens in a company, Mosasa, institute, or Kafeel.

Now that you know your sponsor ID and Nitaqat system. Let’s go ahead and check Kafeel, Mosasa, Institute, and company red, and green status.

Check Kafeel Red, Green, Yellow Status

  1. Go to the MOL (Ministry of Labor) official website.
  2. Put your “Iqama” ID number.
  3. Enter the “image code” (CAPTCHA) in the box
  4. Click the “Search” button in Arabic it’s “BEHIS”.

Check of Mosasa, Kafeel, Institute or Company Red or Green

A new page will open when you click on the “Enter” button and will display your Kafeel red or green color. You can the same query for checking out the red/green status of the company, or Mosasa as well.

Check Kafeel red or green

However, if the status color is “Green” then you are good to go. But if it is “Red” then it is just to change the sponsor or company. Because low Saudization means low benefits.

Find Kafeel, Institute, or Company Red and Green

In order to find out the color red, green, yellow, and platinum of a company, sponsor, Mosasa, or institute. All you need is to go to the MOL (Ministry of Labor) official website. Put your Iqama ID number in the box, put the reCAPTCHA code in the box, and hit enter.

For your information, if you are changing the company or Kafeel while they are in the “Red” category. Then there is no need for their permission. Just talk with another company and they will prepare the documents for your transfer right away. They will let you know once everything is ready and then you can simply transfer from one Kafeel, or company or another one.

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  1. Waheed says

    Nice information.

  2. Shower says

    If Kafeel in red he try to change the status red to green then how many month need to this process some body told me if he pay the fine appoint the Saudi etc…. Also it will be take to minimum 3 month for red to green is it true?
    Please give me an answer

  3. khalid says

    brother, i also have similar question. how much time it takes for company to change status from red to green..
    please let me know

    1. Admin says

      It depends on the Saudization if a company doesn’t meet the green status requirement. Then there are no chances that the company will turn green. If they want, it can take up to a month.

  4. RUHUL says

    what does it mean when worker case give worker was absent

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