Transfer Etisalat Balance to India, Pakistan, Nepal, & Egypt

Send/transfer mobile balance is easier than ever with the Etisalat credit transfer facility. Send mobile balance to anyone in India, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines Egypt, and other countries. An Etisalat customer can now send a gift of his/her mobile credit balance to their loved ones back in their home countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines Egypt, etc.

Sending mobile balance with Etisalat is best because if you are a visitor and returning back to your home country. You can send that balance to yourself to the prepaid number. There are lots of benefits to sending mobile credit to your home country, some of them are below:

Etisalat Credit Balance to India Pakistan Nepal Egypt etc

You can easily normally transfer credit with the help of this Method. To transfer credit follow the below simple steps.

  1. All you need is to type *100* Receiver Mobile Number*Amount to be transferred# then tap the SEND button.
  2. For example, if you wanna send AED 26, simply type *100*05XXXXXXXX*26# then tap SEND.

Major Benefits of Sending Mobile Credit with Etisalat

  • The receiver doesn’t have to go to any shop for confirmation to top up airtime.
  • Lower transaction fees.
  • Stay in touch with your business partner.
  • Instant transfer anytime anywhere.
  • Complete the transaction directly from your handset.

How To Use Etisalat Mobile App For Credit Transfer

You can also use the Etisalat mobile application available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store to transfer the credit. Follow the below steps.

  1. Download and install Etisalat Mobile App, If you already have it then skip this step.
  2. Open up the menu section in the app
  3. Now select the payments and recharges
  4. And finally, select international credit transfer.
  5. The last step sends the international prepaid number ( like for instance 9190XXXXXXXX) via SMS to 1700 without any charges then follow the instructions.

Important Notes and Charges

Don’t forget to have enough mobile balance in your sim before initiating the transfer. You must have some extra balance on your Etisalat sim card. The amount can be transferred only in AED and there are no extra charges.

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