Driving License Renewal Procedure via MOI Absher Online

Renewal Saudi Driving License via MOI

Here is the complete procedure to renew a driving license in KSA via MOI (Ministry of Interior). Alternatively, a person can visit the Muroor office of Dallah to manually renew the driving license in KSA. Before going to the Muroor office of Dallah or apply in MOI Absher for driving license, there are few things you must care about.

Login to your MOI account and check your fingerprint and account picture. If your fingers are enrolled and you can see the account picture on your Absher account. Then you are eligible for apply online for your driving license in Saudi Arabia.

You cannot apply if there are traffic violations against your Iqama and any other Governmental delay of payment like Utility bills etc. Also must see there is less than 6 Months validity time period in driving license expiry. Everything is good? OK follow the below steps for renewing D-license in KSA.

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How to Renew Driving License in MOI Online

It depends on how long you want your driving license to be valid. Pay online via ATM or online banking in Absher as the Saudi driving license renewal fee is:

  1. Pay renewal fee online for 2 years SR 80 / 5 Years SR 200, 10 Years SR 400
  2. Login to MOI if you don’t have an account create one first
  3. Click “E-Services”
  4. Select Traffic then select “Renew Driving License
  5. Follow the given instruction there and click “Next”
  6. On pop-up select “Renew Private Driving License
  7. Choose duration as per the number of years then click “Next”
  8. Double check everything then “Confirm”
  9. Get the “reference number” and take a “print” of that page
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Take the print with you and visit the Muroor office of Dallah for the eye test. Submit the required docs like old driving license, photographs fill the form submit it. WAit for 10 to 20 mints and get your renewed driving license.

Renewal Saudi Driving License via MOI online

The above is any procedure for renewal of the driving license in Saudi Arabia. If you are experiencing any issues while following the above steps you can comment on the issue below. So that we might help in renewing the driving license.

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