Friendi to Friendi Credit Transfer – Instructions 2021

Friendi telecommunication services are great in terms of internet packages etc with such affordable rates and perfect coverage all over the KSA. Friendi helps Expats and citizens in Saudi Arabia to enjoy the best rates among all telecommunication networks. You can get great services such as credit transfer, the best internet packages, and more.

Today let me show you how to transfer credit from Friendi to Friendi in Saudi Arabia. The first thing is, you must have enough mobile credit balance before sending the balance to a friend or family member. Therefore, you need to recharge first.

How to Transfer Balance from Friendi to Friendi

Share your mobile balance while you both on the same network. Remember you will need to enter the receiver iqama id number. Furthermore, follow the below steps in order to proceed.

  1. Go to the phone dial pad.
  2. dial *103# and tap the call button.
  3. Follow easy on-screen instructions.
  4. The default pin code is 0000.
  5. While to personalize the pin code dial *106# and tap the call button.

Moreover, you can do balance transfers via Friendi’s Web Self Care portal online. It is important to set up a new pin code number for security reasons just in case. Furthermore, ensure that you entered the Iqama id number of the friend correctly. Otherwise, there might be errors while transferring or another person can get your mobile balance. Related to Friendi Mobile: Friendi APN Setting on Android in KSA.

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