These Profession Holders Cannot Renew Iqama

There are 19 job professions/positions which are reserved for citizens of Saudi Arabia. If your Iqama, resident id profession is one of these 19 job professions then you cannot renew your iqama anymore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This rule is not just compiled on the public sector but the private sector too. Yes, you can change the iqama profession and keep checking the status of the profession change until it’s completed. Then you can do some other job in KSA. In short, there is now Iqama renewal in Saudi Arabia for expatriates whose profession is one of the following.

No Iqama Renewal for below Profession holders

  • Human Resources HR Managers
  • PSH Personal Section Heads
  • The leader of labor and workers.
  • Receptionist or click in receptions, hospitals, hotels.
  • Security Guards and Female workers in Stores etc.
  • Head of treasures.
  • HR specialist.
  • Key repairing staff.
  • And other government departments.

For your information, all the Expats in the Kingdom, cannot renew their Iqama. This is as per the government’s new rules in Saudi Arabia. All the above professions are just for Saudis only. So each company and sponsor needs to be very careful in order to take this professional holder. Because in the near future, it will be hard for them to get their Iqama card.

All companies and Kafeel are to replace these positions with Saudis instead of Expats. In short, there is no place for Non-Saudis for all the above iqama profession holders. It could be better to leave KSA before the expiry date to avoid any penalties etc.

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