STC Internet Packages 25GB 100GB and 300GB

STC Internet Packages 15GB 100GB and 300GB. When it comes to quality and price, STC Sawa is one of the best and leading telecom companies in all of Saudi Arabia. Obviously, STC internet packages are the best and quite affordable with now more validity/duration. STC provides internet data for 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months for prepaid customers in KSA.

The provided internet data packages are quite enough for normal usage within the provided time period. Today I will show all prepaid STC Sawa Internet packages with price, activation, deactivation, validity/duration, and with remaining balance check of your Internet pack. Let’s see what’s got:

STC 25GB Package

  • The price of the package is SAR 115.
  • The validity duration is 1 month [30 days only].
  • No extra SMS no free calls but data.
  • On renewal, the data allowance is 25GB.
  • To activate all you need to send 2743 to 900 in a message, That’s it.

Update: the 15GB package is no longer available. For the same price only SAR 115, get 25GB of data + 50GB of YouTube and streaming free for 1 month. To subscribe send SMS “2743” to 900.

STC 100GB+19GB Social Package

  • The Price is SAR 195.50.
  • The Validity duration is 1 month [30 days only].
  • On renewal, the data allowance is 100GB which means you will get 19GB extra for social usage.
  • No extra SMS no free calls but data.
  • To activate the 100GB+19GB social free package, SMS “2734” to 900 in a message.

Update: Alternatively for a lower price only SAR 195, get 75GB data + 75GB YouTube free for 1 month. To subscribe visit the nearest STC branch and get a recharge voucher for your data sim card.

STC 300GB Package

  • The Price of this package is SAR 517.
  • The Validity duration of the pack is 3 months [90 days only].
  • The data allowance is 300GB.
  • No extra SMS no free calls but data.
  • To subscribe 300GB data package. SMS “2728” to 900 in a message.

OK, the above is the validity, prices, and data details on STC internet packages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you already subscribe to any of the above packs and want to know the renewal code, then let me tell you that you can use the same above code for the package to renew your current package.

Moreover, to check your remaining internet balance data click here. There best prices with enough data on Quicknet MyFi devices. To know more about STC offers to click here.

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  1. Giyan Sharma says

    what no we have to send to get sawa data package to 900 , and can we use the same card to recharge

    1. Shams Ali says

      Mr. Sharma,
      Please tell me what package you want to activate?

  2. Giyan Sharma says

    Can we use the same Sim card to recharge for data and also in message what no message to send to 900 for Sawa Data package

    1. Shams Ali says

      Thank you for your comment,
      What package do you want to activate? Tell me and I will show you to code OK.

  3. محمد حسن أحمد صهلولي says

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته صباح الخير اخواني انا امس بعد الضهر وصلتني رسالة نصين مكتوب فيه لتحويل مشغل رقمك عليك برد على Bcاو TB المهم انا من أمس بعد الرساله شريحتي مفصوله لا ترسل ولا تستقبل مكالمه طوارا فقط افيدوني ولكم جزيل الشكر والتقدير

  4. mohammad saleem says

    i want 300gb pakage for three month in 300 SAR

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