How to transfer Sponsorship or Kafeel in KSA

Change Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

Naqal Kafala means the transfer of sponsorship in Saudi Arabia with or without existing kafeel or company approval. Nobody can stop you if you want to change sponsor or company from one to another in KSA with or without company or sponsor approval.

Thank MOL (Ministry of Labor) and MOI (Ministry of Interior)for providing such facilities for expatriates in Kingdom. Another name of change of sponsorship is Naqal Kafal and its procedure is very simple, if you want to do it then keep all the below terms and conditions in mind before changing of kafeel or sponsor and company.

Important Note for Sponsorship Transfer in KSA

Don’t worry it is completely legal to change your existing kafeel or company but there are few things you should take care of. New Nakal Kafala rules and requirements are:

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1. You must know your company Nitaqat status in MOL, if they are in Red or Yellow category then it’s you luck chance and you apply for Naqal Kafala. To do so check iqama color red green or yellow on MOL.

2. Iqama sponsorship transfer is legal if a kafeel or company won’t be able to give you Iqama Resident id card within the duration of 3 months (90) days. Then you are capable of doing Naqal Kafala.

3. If your existing Muqeem card expired after a month, you are totally free to join another company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia anywhere anytime. No one can stop you, to do so check iqama expiry date or validity first.

4. You cannot join another company if your National Passport is expired. You cannot apply for sponsorship change if you have Exit Re-Entry Visa or Final Exit Visa, ensure you don’t have any under your iqama.

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5. Ensure there is not traffic violations, not just you but then new kafeel as well. To check traffic violation and its new penalties. And most of important is there should be enough funds available in MOI.

Change Sponsorship Kafeel/Company in KSA (Naqal Kafala)

There are two things the good and the bad, the good thing is you can easily apply in MOL (Ministry of Labor) online and MOI. The bad thing is there is no English version of MOL yet while checking the status. Now ensure you are a Google Chrome browser for results. If you are applying online then you don’t need any documents. The process may take up to a month.
Step #1. Click this link to go to MOI page for the change of sponsorship online.
Step #2. Login to your MOI Absher account, If you don’t have any create one first.

Step #3. Follow the on-screen instructions that’s it.

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Sponsorship Transfer MOI
Sponsorship Transfer MOI

How to Check Status of Sponsorship Transfer

1. Click this link to go to MOL for check transfer status online.
2. Click the drop-down and select the 2nd last option “Transfer Agent Service to Expatriate”.
3. Enter Oder number.
4. Enter the iqama number.
5. Enter image captcha code.
6. Click “Behis” to search for new sponsor name and status.
Transfer agent service to expats
Transfer agent service to expats


Transfer service to expats
Transfer service to expats
The above is quick for how to change kafeel or sponsor in KSA for all expats in the Kingdom. Feel free to comment on any issue in the above, we will glad to help you out :).
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