New Nitaqat (Iqama Red, Green, and Yellow) Details

The New Nitaqat system has already begun in Saudi Arabia on Sep-03-2017. The new Nitaqat system 2017 program means to increase the number of Saudis in companies. More employees in every single organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It totally depends on company size, but the new Nitaqat to increase Saudi nationals, with average salaries in all organizations in KSA.

Now the question is what a company will get by hiring more Saudi Nationals. Companies with more Saudi nationals will rank better. A better rank among all those ones has a fewer number of Saudis citizens. If a company ranks better than the Nitaqat system. Those will have a better eye on that company/organization, will get more work, and do more in the Kingdom.

The best part is they will get Platinum and Green color status. Moreover, red, and Yellow are considered as lower ranking. How to check Nitaqat Status Color.

What are the available Categories of Nitaqat?

New Nitaqat color categories are the following:

  • Red: With the lowest number of Saudi employees.
  • Green: With a good number of Saudi employees.
  • Yellow: With an average number of Saudi employees.
  • Platinum: Excellent number of Saudi employees.

MLSD Spokesman Khaled Abalkhail Said: The new program of “Nitaqat” is all about the improvements and performances of the market and implementation in employment to ensure better facilities for Saudi nationals. This is all about creating a friendly and safe work environment in Saudi Arabia.

And guess what are the latest news and details? Only companies/organizations will Platinum and Green color status will be able to apply for new visas and bring expatriates to Saudi. Red and Yellow color status organizations/companies cannot get visas and they won’t be allowed to change their sponsorship.

All they need to do is to rank better and get Green and Platinum color status. Wow, every single organization and private company must have more than 30 Saudi citizens and provide them better services as well as training until they get pros. This is announced by the Human Resources Development Fund [HRDF] and MSLD Ministry of Labor and Social Development. The training time interval must be more than 4 weeks with providing them a minimum of SAR 1500.

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