How to Get New Iqama – Steps and Documentation

In this guide learn about the new iqama process for fresh new expatriates in Saudi Arabia. The first thing you might hear upon arrival in Saudi Arabia is the word Iqama. Once the immigration process is OK at the Airport. Then on your arrival in KSA, your work visa countdown starts, and the visa duration has just 90 days of validity.

Thus if you are on a work visa, your company or Kafeel is responsible to make your new iqama id, which is also known as a resident permit, resident ID, and Muqeem card. The employer or Kafeel must get your resident permit or Iqama card before your visa gets expired. If not then they will pay the penalty. But wait, do you have a work Azad or a Free visa? If yes then you must pay your sponsor/Kafeel the iqama fee to get a new Muqeem card for you.

Once your Kafeel or company applies for your new iqama you can then check the status process status via passport number. The processing time is almost less than a week once your Kafeel or company adds iqama funds on MOI online or by visiting the Jawazat offices.

Steps to Get a New Iqama

Don’t panic it’s simple and easy for the first time to apply for a new Muqeem/Iqama card. To be honest it’s not actually your responsibility if you’re working in the company. Follow the below steps:

  1. The employer Kafeel/sponsor or company will ask you to go for a medical test at an authorized hospital/medical center with a copy of your passport. Don’t forget to take a passport copy colored, with you.
  2. Once everything is done, for example, the medical test, etc. Then after a couple of days two or less than two days, the medical report will be handed over to you, Kafeel, or the sponsor or company and will be sent to the MOI Ministry of Interior directly.
  3. If the medical report is cleared, the Kafeel or company HR department will ask you to provide two passport-size photographs with your passport copy colored.

Documents Required by MOI for New Iqama Process

  1. The resident permit copy must be valid.
  2. Company-related Docs.
  3. Iqama Fee SAR 650. Check out the new iqama fee.
  4. If the company has less than 50% Nitaqat Saudis then the fee is SAR 2400. Check the Nitaqat Color Status here.

After two days when you receive your New Iqama or Muqeem Card ID ensure that the name and everything are matching with your passport name etc. Otherwise, you will pay for correcting the resident permit again.

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