Recharge Zain, STC, Mobily, & Friendi Local or Data Sim

There are many ways to recharge your Zain sim card either local or data in Saudi Arabia. There are Zain internet sim and local sim cards for calling, messaging, and internet data usage. Internet sim cards like 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 100GB, 50GB, 300GB, 600GB, and 1000GB are available. All you need is to buy an internet voucher card not a voucher for local Zain sim card recharge.

But for the local sim card, you just need to buy a sim card anywhere in the kingdom and load it. The same you can do for Mobily, STC, and Friendi.

How to Recharge Zain Local and Data Sim

This method is for both local and data sim, the first priority is to recharge and then send the package activation code to 959 to activate the data sim users. While the normal load method is simple just follow the steps. This for both local and data users have “Zain”.

Dial *141*Iqama ID/Resident Card ID Number*Voucher Card Number# and simply press the call button. Wait for a couple of seconds, you will get a message “Successfully Recharged” amount [This].

Example: *141*3288888888*1234567890# —-> Tap the call button.

The send method is all you to send a message to 959 containing Iqama ID/Resident ID number*Voucher hidden number and tap the send button. You will get a reply from Zain about the successful recharge.

Example: 3488888888*1233212321 send to 959.

Recharge Mobily Local and Data Sim

Recharging Mobily local or data sim card is easy simply buy a local or data sim card from an authorized dealer or outlets Mobily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now follow the below simple method in order to recahargeMobliy local and Data sim card.

  1. All you need to do is to scratch your voucher card dial *1400*Voucher card number# then tap the call button to get the recharge on Mobily lines via USSD code.
  2. The other simple method is to call 1100 for prepaid or postpaid “recharge”. You should have a voucher card number before calling 1100. Then follow the instructions.
  3. To recharge 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, or 10GB of data, buy a data Mobily card that fulfills your needs. Then write a new message containing V [space] ID Iqama number [space] Voucher hidden number and sent it to 1100. Have a look at the below example.

Example: V 3288732873 1234567890 send to 1100.

Recharge STC Local and Data Sim

Learn to load STC local card and internet voucher card to recharge your local and data sim cards. Buy a voucher card for STC from any authorized dealer and outlet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now follow the below instructions to load STC Sawa cards. For both internet load and local STC, sim cards follow one of the below methods.

  1. The USSD code to load STC Sawa dial *155*voucher recharge card hidden number*Iqama id/Resident ID# then tap the call button. In a while, you will receive an SMS containing a successful load test.
  2. You can also recharge your STC Sawa voucher through an SMS. Just write *155*voucher recharge card hidden number*Iqama id/Resident ID# and send it to 1500. Wait for the reply of the successful load.

Recharge Friendi local and Data Sim

Follow the method in order to load your Friendi sim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • The first method is to dial *101# and then follow the instructions from Friendi customer care service.
  • The second method is the USSD code to dial *101*hidden Friendi voucher code*Iqama number#. That’s it.

Here is how to check your remaining mobile balance and data MB on your Zain, STC, Mobily, and Friendi sim.

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